Hybrid Kids and Teens

Hybrid Kids Class Times

  • Tuesday

    6:30 pm – Hybrid Kids Class

    7:00 pm – Hybrid Teens Class

  • Thursday

    6:30 pm – Hybrid Kids Class

    7:00 pm – Hybrid Teens Class

Why Our Hybrid Kids Program?

  • We teach children to become successful leaders.

  • We will provide a safe and positive learning environment.

  • We promote the importance of health and fitness for a life time.

  • We will teach and reinforce self confidence.

       Our young athlete development program is a combination of technique practice, work, and games to build strength, conditioning, and confidence in kids and teens. Our classes include elements of gymnastics, weight lifting, running, jumping rope, and more! All scaled to the needs of our young athletes.

       Specifically, these classes teach and promote the skills that create a strong foundation for any sport or discipline your child may pursue. Improvement in each of these physical skills will directly benefit the capabilities of our children. Consistent and varied physical challenges will push our young athletes to learn to control their bodies while increasing their potential strength as they grow from children into adults. 

       We currently offer this course to 2 age groups. Our youngest athletes in development can start around 6 to 7. Age is less the requirement than their ability to focus on a coach. These classes are tailored to promote good movement standards and foster a lifelong love of fun and fitness. Our next age group is for our pre-teens and teens. This class begins to focus more the development of strength while still falling back on the tenants of good movement.


Kids Program

The Skills We Focus on and Why

Cardiovascular Endurance – The ability of our bodies to efficiently deliver oxygen from our lungs to our bodies through our bloodstream. Without an efficient cardio system, everyday tasks become difficult as we find ourselves breathing hard at the top of stair cases or winded from just bringing in the groceries. 

Stamina – How long we can maintain an activity. Without stamina we do not poses the ability to engage in an energy consuming task like a sport or even a labor intensive or job without growing tired before completion. 

Strength – The amount of weight we are able to move. Greater strength gives us the ability to exert less maximal effort in performing everyday tasks.

Flexibility – This is how far our muscles are able to stretch. Inflexibility can prevent us from moving the way our bodies were designed. When not addressed long term lack of flexibility can lead to premature breakdown and pain in the joints of our growing children. 

Power – Our ability to exert a maximal amount of force in a minimal amount of time. Our power is what defines how high we jump and how fast we can sprint.

Speed – How fast we can perform tasks. In conjunction with other skills, speed makes things take less time. In our athletes this means they can run a football faster and on regular days, it may mean that our kids make it home from their friends house in time for curfew. 

Coordination – Our ability to use our bodies without mistake. Lacking coordination prevents us from efficiently moving through time and space and causes us to commonly trip over ourselves or drop things. 

Accuracy – This is our ability to move or move something to a specific place without deviation. Accuracy in our children’s movement is a huge aspect in teaching them to become the masters of their own bodies. This total control of their physical movement instills confidence in their ability. 

Agility – How fast we are able to change direction of our movement. Increased agility can be the difference between being 1st or 3rd string on our sports team, or in a more extreme case, it could be our ability the stop ourselves from moving in front of a driver that may not be paying attention.  

Balance – This important trait accounts for us not falling over while moving throughout our day. Balance in conjunction with our other skills defines our athletic ability. If not properly developed, a lack of balance can make daily experiences excessively challenging. Strong balance prevents us from inadvertently falling over, and in conjunction with coordination yields grace in movement. 

Kids get a FREE class too!

Just like our adults, we want to ensure our young athletes are happy, safe, and excited to come to class! For that reason we also want to make sure that our kids and teens get to experience our community and coaches for themselves! Register here to receive a FREE class voucher for your kid(s) via email!

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