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       Just like you, we are aren’t fans of hidden fees. In that respect, we want to let you know on the front side that there is a $25 registration fee that is attached to all memberships and contracts that Hybrid Theory Athletics has to offer. This is the only fee that you’ll ever see from us, aside from your monthly membership!

       Missing Link CrossFit’s membership options are “class-centric” and we offer multiple membership options both with and without a contract. We want our athletes to be able to select the option that best suites their goals and schedule. All prospective Missing Link athletes are highly encouraged to attend their FREE class before committing to their desired membership.

CrossFit Classes


       Foundations classes are required for all new athletes. If foundations classes (or equivalent) have been completed at another establishment, those individuals will be addressed on a case by case basis. 

Missing Link CrossFit

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CrossFit Emerald Isle

CrossFit Emerald Isle

Hybrid Theory Athletics

       Reborn Weightlifting takes full advantage of the Hybrid AF network standing up as a totally unmanned gym. If you would like to register to train at Reborn Weightlifting contact us and let our staff help you through the process, or click the link below to register on your own! Reborn Weightlifting also offers 2 one hour Barbell Club meeting times each week! During these times, our coaches will be available to help with any technique or programming questions you may have. 

Barbell Club

       Hybrid Theory Athletics is proud to provide the Onslow County area and beyond with high quality personal training. Thanks to the sensation of the internet, satellite training is available in addition to on site personal training. Our training rates are listed below BUT discounts are available based on the amount of session purchased as well as services requested. 

Hybrid Theory Custom Training

Hybrid Theory Athletics
Hybrid Athlete Foundation

       We are excited to offer 24/7 access to all our facilities through the Hybrid AF network. When purchasing this membership you will have unlimited access to all the facilities Hybrid Theory Athletics has to offer as well as all other Hybrid AF gyms nationwide!

Hybrid AF Access

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