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Reborn Weightlifting The Phoenix

Reborn Weightlifting is a private studio that offers a quiet and focused atmosphere for athletes serious about lifting weight. This is the perfect studio for Olympic Weightlifting with 3 Oly platforms and KG plates!

Missing Link CrossFit The Sasquatch

Missing Link CrossFit is our premiere facility boasting more than 7500 sq/ft of working space. We have equipment for every training need including a wide range of specialty bars, a mono-lift, and competition benches from Elite-FTS. 

CrossFit Emerald Isle The Kraken

CrossFit Emerald Isle is Swansboro NC’s only CrossFit gym! Three separate bays ensure there is training space available for both groups and individuals. Large garage doors in each bay allow athletes to soak up the awesome whether while training!


All three gyms listed above are proud to be a part of the Hybrid Athlete Foundation! This network allows us to offer 24/7 access to all of our facilities through a free app! Athletes can also take advantage of any other gym in the network while vacationing or traveling! 

We are stoked to offer this access at anyone for 40/mo. at any of our locations! OR add it onto any class package you have with us for 25!

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